Where the Mobsters Play



American Gangsters, or @G, is a growing mobster family. We are described as a tight knit group. We battle together, laugh together, grow together, look out for one another and defend each other. We take family seriously. An attack on one is an attack on all of @G. 

Our family consists of riders, hunters, made men, and financial specialists. We have a fairly even mix of Ladies and Gents. Our diversity allows us to teach each other and grow together. Over time our members develop and improve their bounty count, attack and defense strength, cash flow, and profile/stats. Above all, members gain TRUE companionship and loyalty from @G members.




We want players who share our views on gameplay. Players who are TRULY devoted to their fellow @G as friends first, mobbies second. We want active members who will participate in team chat when online. Sense of humor is key, and a balance of real life and Mobsters is encouraged.

We believe in honor and integrity. We uphold the unwritten rules of Mobsters. No mobtards allowed. Attacks are limited to 3 attacks. Go after the lister, not the bounty hunter. Treat other mobsters with respect and dignity. Remember this is a game and should be played as such. We respect, until we are disrespected. Then, WE BRING THE PAIN!!! .

The reputation of @G lies within its members. We want disciplined mobsters. Members need to act with family in mind. Posts on the news feed or comments left for other members need to be respectable. Do not look for fights and do not try to start wars. One of our guiding principles is that we don't start trouble, we finish it. That is what we are about.



All we ask if you become one of us is that you have our backs as we will have yours!

If you are interested, click the link below and fill out the form or contact one of our active members on facebook.

any questions, please see our VISITOR CHAT



                              RULES OF AMERICAN GANGSTERS

1. You must go through the application process in it's totality.

2. You must have an appropriate attitude towards Capos, Bosses,Dons and GF.

3. You must be willing to help when are online if assistance is needed.

4. You must check the forums every time you log on for the latest information.  it helps members to keep up to date

5. Racist, Sexist and sexually derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

6. You must tag @G or @M3RIC4N~G4NG$T3R$ (etc) in your status unless told otherwise.

7. We live by the unwritten rules of mobsters and show respect to all mobsters regardless of race, gender or family.  these unwritten rules include but are not excluded to attacking more than 3 times from the attack list and attacking the hunter

8. You may only be a member of one family.  if this is another family and you wish to join us, you must leave the other before becoming a full member of @G.

9.  @G members under 18 years of age agree by accepting membership to check the "filter content" box in chat.